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C# program to count emails by domain

I have a string of emails seperated by semi colon as shown below. 
string UserInputEmails = ";;;";

Write a c# program, that lists the total number of emails by domain. The program should give the following output.
Domain = & Count = 1
Domain = & Count = 3

using System;
using System.Linq;

namespace SamplePrograms
    class CountEmailsByDomain
        public static void Main()
            // User List of emails seperated by semi colon. You can have as many
            // number of emails you want in this string.
            string UserInputEmails = ";;;";

            // Split the string into a string array.
            string[] UserEmails = UserInputEmails.Split(';');

            // Select only the domain part of the emails into a string array, using substring() function
            string[] EmailsDomain = UserEmails.Select(x => x.Substring(x.LastIndexOf("@") + 1)).ToArray();

            // Group the emails by email domain, and select the Domain and respective count
            var Result = EmailsDomain.GroupBy(x => x).Select(y => new { Domain = y.Key, Count = y.Count() });

            // Finally print the domain name and the emails count
            foreach (var obj in Result)
                Console.WriteLine("Domain = {0} & Count = {1}",obj.Domain, obj.Count);

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